Teifi Valley Railway | What You Should do When Your Cellphone is Lost
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What You Should do When Your Cellphone is Lost

What You Should do When Your Cellphone is Lost

If you are unable to erase data your smartphone or perhaps you cannot guarantee that the Smartphone was locked reliably as at the time the handy weg was tun (such as a screen lock with password), it is important that you are certain about changing some of your passwords. There is no doubt that the same applies to similar services that allow you to access your device without having to input a password. Below you will find some examples;

  • Google account
  • iCloud
  • Amazon Services
  • E-mail accounts accessible via an application on the smartphone
  • Streaming Services
  • Hotel booking systems
  • Dropbox, OwnCloud and other cloud applications
  • Report to the police/report

Afterward, see to it that you report the loss of your device to the appropriate authorities and have it reported under the case of theft. If perhaps you are in possession the missing device IMEI number, have it indicated. You can easily locate this on the box the device was packaged in by the manufacturer.

If your device is dropped at a lost property office or police station by an honest finder, you will be informed immediately. In certain states, this reporting can be done over the internet.

Right before the phone is misplaced: see to it that you are prepared for any emergency.

Though you will not have to recall this situation hopefully – in order to make it better next time, be sure to prepare the following points right now:

Confirm if the location service is active on your smartphone. Use the links available to see if you can access your smartphone from the web on your iOS or Android phone.

On Android smartphones, it also makes more sense if you install one of the various anti-theft application, that’s offers Security Options, such as ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus, Avast Security and booster. However, in most cases, the location services on any smartphones are sufficient.

Set a lock screen that requires a very strong password, or makes use of the fingerprint sensor if your phone offers such a feature. On the other hand, these days wiping patterns are less secure. You can tell by the smear marks on this Smartphone the particular wiping pattern that is being used.

Always go along with an emergency note accommodating all the important device information with you. This should accommodate call, hotline, and customer numbers of the mobile operator and the IMEI. The IMEI can be located on almost all phones by tying the key sequence * # 06 # in the phone application.

It’s very important that you give honest finders an opportunity to contact you by leaving some sort of contact information. For instance, on any Android device, you can enter your email address in the “About Owner” settings, which appears on the lock screen or you can as well stick to the inside of your mobile phone case information regarding the mobile phone.

Windows Phone: Find Your Phone Thanks To The Location Function

Similar to the iPhone, a Windows Phone can also be located. The corresponding function can be reached after you have logged into the new Windows Phone website. “Find my mobile” is the name of the corresponding function in this menu.

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