What You Should Do When You Lose Your Keys

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January 25, 2018
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January 25, 2018

Imagine a scenario whereby you misplaced your house keys and you have looked at every nook and crannies or checked your various contacts but to no avail. When in urgent need of a locksmith, endeavor to contact one immediately. The main work of the locksmith is to ensure the opening of your lock whether by picking the code or lock, without causing any breakdown or disruption. Your locksmith should give you recommendation about the various kinds of locks and access control systems that are better than the key lock. You should ensure that your locks are checked to ensure the safety of your home. Ensure that your entry/exit doors have locks that can be easily insured.

Endeavor to change the locks on your house and get in touch with the post office if you have an account with them. One option that you can consider is the attachment of a deadbolt to every door. If you are part of a big family and would prefer not to change everyone’s key ring, this could be another option.

Alert your neighbors. Let them know the situation on ground and endeavor to notify them that your keys got lost and you are looking to replace the locks. This will keep them on alert and they will help you in cases of invaders or if they see anyone snooping around your apartment. For maximum safety, you are expected to consider the facts highlighted above and put them to good use.

Prepare for lost keys

The first and most important thing is to have two sets of keys. In the day to day one of them you should leave at home and if you go on vacation by car you must take the two games with you, but always the copy that your escort takes or keep it in the hotel or accommodation chosen.

It is the simplest, fastest and most economical solution in the case of losing the keys or leaving them forgotten inside the vehicle. You may be thinking that it is difficult to leave the keys inside but it is not so strange to forget the keys in the trunk when you have taken or kept something and you have closed it without realizing it. Big mistake! The keys always in your pocket or in your hand. Do not break the glass or force the lock if you do not want to raise the cost of cluelessness.

Call a family member

The easiest thing is to call a family member who can come to your house and bring you the keys. If this option is not feasible you should call your insurance company if you have lost the keys to your car. Depending on the policy you have contracted, they may help you recover your second set of keys: they look for it and send it to you urgently.

Typically, this mishap is covered by roadside assistance insurance. The company in charge will try to solve the problem on site if you have forgotten the keys inside or tow the vehicle to the place you choose in order to take the second game and open the car.

Another option is to call the customer service phone number of the brand, since some offer pick-up service for the second key, making a copy and delivery. The problem is complicated when we do not have a second set of keys. It is for this reason that we strongly recommend that, if you lose your first set of keys, make copies as soon as possible to avoid finding yourself in this situation: lost keys and without having copies.

In the case of a set of the lost car keys, your car insurance can give you a solution; depending on the policy you have contracted, for example, you can provide a replacement car while you get new keys to open the car. The usual thing is that the insurance does not cover the loss or the theft of the keys, but they can help you if you have hired a roadside assistance insurance because they would cover the transfer of the vehicle to a safe place while you get a set of keys. you will have no choice but to call the brand of your vehicle where they will ask you to prove your property showing your ID and the car’s documentation with the number of the frame – you are advised to have a copy of the vehicle outside. This is so that you can get a set of replacement keys for your home or car.

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