Teifi Valley Railway | What to Look For in Your Pickleball Paddles for Spin
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What to Look For in Your Pickleball Paddles for Spin

What to Look For in Your Pickleball Paddles for Spin

There are a wide variety of characteristics of pickleball paddle you will want to know and research before you make a final choice. Nonetheless, according to an article on the pickypickleball website, when you pay more focus on the spin part, there are some features that promise to enhance the control and rotation you need.

There is a bit of buzz the pickleball community around the topic lately and just about every key pickleball equipment manufacturer has designed at least one paddle specifically marketed to add more spin to your game.

Below are some of the features you have no choice but to consider when you want to buy a pickleball paddle that offers great spin.


The first thing you notice when picking up a paddle is the weight and it is one of the most important aspects. Pickleball paddles wight between 6 ounces to 10 ounces, having the sweet spot for beginners between 7.5 ounces to the 7.8 ounces range. This is without a doubt a subjective thing and it is a personal preference based on your strength, nonetheless, there is a quick rule you should not at any point forget.

Grip Size

It is conventional to find the handles of a pickleball paddle having a 4 inch to 4.7-inch circumference grip range. There is no doubt that players with smaller hands perform excellently with smaller grips and the same with a player with large hands performing great with large grips. The wrist snap action required for a spin is readily available with the grip size that’s ideal for you and thus allowing for a bigger range of motion.

In order to figure out your ideal grip size, it is advised that you test a wide variety of paddles. In order to check if it fits your hand perfectly, place your index finger of one hand right in between the palm and finger end of the gripping hand.

Paddle Core/Hitting Surface

The core is fashioned from either normex (a lightweight cardboard-like material), wood, aluminum, or polymer. It has been studied that Nomex is best for power and polymer cores are best for the spin.

The surfaces of the pickleball paddles are available in fiberglass or graphite. Graphite is good for strength and sweet spot owing to its smoothness, fiberglass, on the other hand, is rough enough to add some spin to the ball. The cores and surface can be combined in effective combination to deliver a balance of spin and power.


It is important you know that polymer paddles provide the best spinning and control capabilities. They are also the most expensive. Second in line is the Nomex paddles, for speed and strength.  A general rule of thumb to always be is – you tend to get more quality, features, power, and sounds like the price increases. The wood and aluminum paddles are not the best options if you take the game seriously, however, they are the cheapest. It is best you avoid the low range as they the best for recreational players who are interested in having fun only.

Having all the features that contribute to the spin of a pickleball paddle may be perceived as the best choice, nonetheless, it’s not. There is no doubt that a good paddle does well in giving the ball a spin, without neglecting the surface hit area, maneuverability, power, and overall quality. Whatever choice you make rely on your skills, your budget, and your priority.

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