Teifi Valley Railway | Picking the Best Guitar for Small Hands
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Picking the Best Guitar for Small Hands

Picking the Best Guitar for Small Hands

For acoustic guitars, they fall into different categories. But today, we will discuss the best guitars for small hands. This category of guitars is one of the best overall, without considering the size. While they are more suitable for shorter fingers and small hands, they are more like solid acoustic guitars. For more detailed reviews, check out the Instrument Picker website.

We will talk about two of our favorites.

The Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Although the smaller design is beginner friendly, it was created for all skill levels and that is the reason we don’t consider it as an exclusive beginner guitar. Its dimensions are suitable for shorter fingers and/or smaller hands. Specifically, those dimensions fall into this category:

  • ​Fingerboard width at 12th fret: 2 1/16″
  • Fingerboard with at nut: 1 11/16″
  • Scale length: 23″

The LXK2 doesn’t feature built-in electronics, so this implies that you are saving cost in that area if you were not interested in a preamp at the first instance. If you are okay with the price and you like the guitar and want to amplify it, I suggest that you opt for the Seymour Duncan Woody acoustic guitar pickup. It costs around $40 or less.

This variety of pickup measures up to the size of your guitar’s sound hole (one size fits all) and comes with a connection cable that you can run to a PA system or a preamp. This is your cheapest (and simplest) option for amplifying this device.

If you don’t intend to amplify it, the Little Martin can start its operation just like that, shipping with a set of a soft gig bag and Martin acoustic strings. The neck is slimmer, making it easy to play on the fretboard. Moreover, the guitar’s body is very light which provides quick and uncomplicated access for your strumming hand and keeps the weight low.

BT2 Baby Taylor Guitar

The BT2 Baby Taylor is the smaller size version of a full Taylor dreadnought, which is even smaller than the Big Baby Taylor and is regarded as one of the company’s commonly used and best-selling acoustic guitars. Its market and projected usage are similar to that of the Little Martin. Most of the functions available on the Little Martin are incorporated into the BT2. However, Taylor provides a few extra pecks with their small-sized version of guitar that Martin leaves out.

Most notably, the BT2 does not feature a preamp that allows you to connect your guitar. It is a well-designed pickup system with volume controls and tone as well as a tuner, which maintains the natural tone of the guitar perfectly when connected.

There is usually a significant variation in tone between an unplugged acoustic and an amplified acoustic. However, the same scenario does not play out with the Baby Taylor. In either scenario, the BT2 has a natural sound and gives out a quality tone.

In addition, the BT2 body is designed with a solid Mahogany top, but the same is not applicable to the Little Martin as it is entirely laminate. Finally, the BT2 (as applicable to all Taylor acoustics) dispatches with Elixir strings. You can now see that there are loads of perks provided by Taylor that are not available on Martin’s LXK2 despite the fact that it maintains a similar $300 price point.

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