Photo Shoot Sesion Con El Fotografo J. Leal – Tips For Success

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Coupled with being very creative, challenging, fast, and fun, photo shoots, like a sesion con el fotografo J. Leal, can also be very demanding if you are not well prepared. Just as any project, the more experience you have, the smoother the next project will run.

There are some essential points to remember about photo shoots;

  • Planning is vital. Because photo shoots take place during a set window of time, and typically capture a circumstance or environment that has been mounted, planning is very crucial to make sure that you are able to make use of the time to its full potential.
  • Plan long days and recognize that no matter how well you plan, surprises might seem to pop up somehow.
  • Make your lists. And bring printed duplicates to the shoot.
  • Bring more duplicate copies of the list to the shoot. This will assist your team (and you) to follow the program/schedule. This will also enable your team to plan ahead and models prepare for the next scenes.
  • Create a detailed calendar. Include a time stamp in your schedule in case things take longer than expected so that it doesn’t mess up the day. Allow time for staging and breakdown. Also allow time for meal breaks.
  • Clean up along the way. It is a lot easier to stay organized and it will be less daunting at the end, so clean up as you go along.
  • Define all roles and responsibilities. Once you have set your schedule and all accompanying lists, approach your internal team and client team to define the characters and responsibilities. Assign an individual to every task and set a deadline.

Renting of equipment should come from a place with a good reputation. If you do not have all the equipment you need, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Go rent from a reputable business. This allows easy and inexpensive access to a great set of equipment. And they usually provide backup for items like light bulbs that could explode.

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