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Kim Dao Japan – Social Media Influencer Marketing In Japan

Kim Dao Japan – Social Media Influencer Marketing In Japan

Japan has always been a diverse country in terms of food, general customs, people’s attitude, art, and so on. This is what makes the country so astonishingly interesting, but when it comes to marketing, it can suddenly be an overwhelming task. Here are a few things that brands can face when they go into the influence marketing arena, just like Kim Dao Japan who has numerous videos of fashion, makeup, and travel for her Kim Dao channel on YouTube.


A lot of brands come with world campaign ideas and want to apply the same strategies to the Japanese market like they did in other countries. This can take a little tweaking and the process can be a bit intimidating. Instagram promotions may be easier to do since Instagram is independent, just a few things differ with respect to expectations. However, blogs can cause many problems due to lack of feeling of luxury and low-quality photos. A lot of blogs in Japan are hosted on limited feature blogging platforms that regularly lack transparent information monitoring.


Influencers are just like off-the-rack marketing machines. They are awesome! However, a lot of Japanese influencers can be quite inexperienced about the overall process. Most of them need step-by-step aid and regularly require someone to call them to explain the points. Some do not use e-mail on a computer and many others struggle to use Word or Excel documents. Notwithstanding, when properly managed, they are undeniably wonderful to work with. Many of them practice great due diligence, hardly having a typo in articles along with photos that are gorgeously take in a Japanese way. They are helpful, courteous, and pleasant.

If you have a good campaign aimed at the appropriate crowd of people through the use of the popularity of influencers like Kim Dao Japan, it can be an extremely potent tool for marketing.

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