How to Take Care of Your Squishy Animal Toys

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Buy one of the really cute squishy animals and put them wherever you like. There’s a cute little animal on for each occasion. Nothing could be more therapeutic and refreshing than watching one of the cats laying on his back without any hitch, ready for you to squeeze.

In addition, the squishy animals serve as a stress toy for the agitated moments in life. Squeeze and rub them in anxious times and see how your stress will just vanish! Some people would say the sensation of poking them/rubbing them is one of wholesome bliss. The cute animals happen to be resilient little things – being able to resist wear and tear as well as withstand knocks.

Put the squishy animals anywhere you like. From your desk to your laptop to the mirror – the squishy animals would look in a good place anywhere. These cute animal “squishies” will get you a lot of compliments on their cuteness.

Cleaning Instructions:

Cleaning the lovable animal squishy is very good to keep them fresh and nice and ready to support you in tackling the day!

  1. Use clear water and a little soap to wash the silicone squishy
  2. Make use of scotch tape to subtly stick on the squishy to eliminate any residual dust particles.
  3. Cleaning or washing the toys of children can help reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. For example, if you regularly wipe down and disinfect the toy surfaces of your child, then they are way less likely to get sick with something.
  4. You may also want to have a designated corner for all of your dirty toys, especially if you want to know when you need to wash them.
  5. You should always schedule regular cleaning of your child’s toys. This is because without regular cleaning it will be harder to wash them in the future.
  6. Why keep toys clean?

    Children, and babies, in particular, have a developing immune system, which makes them more susceptible to various diseases. Especially babies who begin to take objects to the mouth or crawling on the floor are the most likely to have infections acquired by contact with surfaces.

    It is important to maximize the hygiene of the areas of the house that will be in contact with the baby, especially his highchair, the changing table.

    Many times it is overlooked to eliminate the germs of something that is in permanent contact with the baby, such as toys. The process to disinfect them must be rigorous and repeated periodically.

    Several studies carried out in nurseries and in pediatric units of hospitals, where there is the interaction of several children, show that toys are very easily contaminated with different microorganisms. Thus toys, balls, and dolls are vehicles for the transmission of microbes among children. Soft and porous toys are usually more contaminated than hard toys and, therefore, it is advisable to pay more attention to their disinfection.

    Also, the presence of rotavirus, a virus that causes gastroenteritis common in children, in the toy balls of nurseries with affected children has been described. In general, a certain percentage of toys in these environments are contaminated by enteric and/or respiratory viruses.

    Here are some tips to disinfect:

    If the toys are small and can come in contact with water, they can be washed in hot water and soap or in the dishwasher at high temperature. You can also use the cleaning wipes that are very practical and quick to use.

    For larger toys, if they do not contain batteries, pass a wet or a clean cloth with some soapy water to disinfect.

    In any case, leave to act and rinse later with water before returning the toys to the baby.

    If it can be washed with water, use some detergent or soap that eliminates 99.9% of the germs of the clothes as well as the bacteria that cause the bad smell.

    If the textile is not washable, it is convenient to discard the toys when they are very dirty.

    Taking germs away from your baby’s toys is much easier with these tips. These are just some of the ways in which you can completely clean the toy of any of your children. It is quite crucial that you learn how to clean the squishy toys that you have got at home to ensure that they are easy to clean.

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