Teifi Valley Railway | How to Identify Great Jobs That Hire Felons
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How to Identify Great Jobs That Hire Felons

How to Identify Great Jobs That Hire Felons

Are you seeking for employment that hires felons? There are numerous industries that are open and cool with employing felons. Though it is a tricky process, it is still quite possible to locate these jobs. The fact is that it is quite difficult to acquire a job as an ex-felon. Asides the fact that jobs that hire felons are becoming obsolete, there is a rise in the number of unemployed people seeking for available positions.

Seeking for jobs that hire felons is a tricky and difficult task, but not impossible! There are several ways a felon can look for jobs. In this article, we have outlined some jobs that hire felons:

Freelance Jobs:

There are several freelance jobs that hire felons. The unique thing about Freelance jobs is that it doesn’t require any background check. As long as the individual can perform superbly well in his/her duty, a person can get the job.

Some of the freelance jobs that hire felons are highlighted below:

Media Researcher – Researchers are individuals who assist news reporters, as well as journalists, gather information for their programs or news articles. Many people who have once been convicted for felony work as researches as they often have access to confidential information.

Police Assets – The best way a felon can make himself/herself useful to the society is by becoming a police asset. Through this, a felon can fight against crime that he was once engaged in.

Contractual Jobs:

A felon can source for contractual jobs while seeking better alternatives. The exciting thing about contractual jobs is that they only hire people on a temporary basis and due to this; the employers do not make thorough background checks on their workers.

Listed below are some contractual jobs that require the services of felons:

Construction Jobs – This is the regular contractual jobs that hire felons. Construction jobs usually last for different timelines. The pay is decent and felons with good body condition will be of good value compared to other job seekers.

Housekeeping Jobs – Though it is not a popular job out there, housekeeping jobs are easy to find. You don’t need to send out a resume to get the job; just a recommendation from a pal can land you the job.

Factory Jobs – Factories take into consideration the skills of an individual compared to his past credentials or academic level. A resume showcasing your skills is enough.

Delivery Services – the unique thing is that delivery service jobs do not discriminate anybody. Regardless of what happened during the past, you will definitely land the job.


Why bother seeking for employment when you can create one for yourself? One major issue that most people with felony convictions experience is a bad credit report, which prevents them from getting loans. Don’t let this bother you, various nonprofit organizations and government agencies offer services for felons who desire to start a new life by creating and building a small business. You may secure the services of such agencies for assistance.

Finding a job is quite difficult. But you must keep working and believing. There are numerous options for pursuing employment. Keep the hope alive and I assure that you will soon find jobs that hire felons and live a free life that you have once desired!

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