How to Choose the Best Beard Balm

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January 2, 2018
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From the intensely produced beard balm brands that you can find almost anywhere to the boutique balm brands – the Primitive Outpost website will definitely assist you to get the appropriate beard balm. If you are not in the know, the beard care market has been littered in the last year, so how do you navigate through all of the clutter and arrive at the most appropriate beard balm for you (or a special someone else)?

Beard balm if you are not in the know happens to be a substance (just like a pomade) that’s applied in your beard to resolve three major problems: make your beard healthier, make it softer, cure beardruff, and provide some styling properties. Whether it is in the middle of summer with the hot dry heat or the frigid winter months – beard balm should be employed in every occasion.

When you begin to grow a beard, even if it’s not really long, you might notice that it starts to get a little flaky and itchy. It is vital to know one thing – and that is sebum oil. Sebum oil represents the oil that’s naturally made by your skin. It provides your skin with a healthy glow as well as the hair on your face and head with the nutrients it requires to both feel soft and look healthy.

To take care of the health of your hair it is important that you choose the right beard balm for your needs, and that it protects it from external aggressions such as pollution and styling.

To have beautiful facial hair, we recommend the following tips to choose the right beard care products for you.

  1. Choose a product that offers facial hair protection

So that a beard does not rub, or itch or can do another type of damage -in yourself and in the face of others- you should know that you have to protect, nourish and shape facial hair. It is not a matter of color or the way you want to give it, but if it is more curly, rough or leafy, among many other qualities. That’s why it’s always better to get a product that is specific to wash the beard.

The usual shampoo that we use for the head only serves for that same area. In case of washing the face or beard, we will notice that the skin underneath it becomes drier and the hair does not have the same presence as if we used a special soap or shampoo.

  1. Select a moisturizing beard care product

If you have the tips open, you can cut them or go to an expert to do so. Although you have another option: look for a shampoo that is specific to this case, but always attending to the needs of our skin, because if they are very strong components can be harmful to the skin. It is also recommended to use products after washing, so that you have better care and that you do not dry your skin more than necessary, such as oils or moisturizing balms. There is also wax for beards, specific and that help to shape the different parts of this.

  1. Choose a beard care product that is made for your skin type

Now it only remains to know what type of skin each one has, the amount that we want to obtain or have already, the kind of hair that contains the beard and the care that is sought. We do not all have the same hair on our heads and, in the case of beards, the same thing happens. The variety allows a better diversification and thus better wash this facial area.

Why do you have to choose a beard care product properly?

To thoroughly wash a beard you have to know how to select the right one. Care begins by knowing which shampoo is best for your own beard. The first thing you should know is that facial hair is not the same as that of the head, but has totally different characteristics.

In men, the hair that appears in the zone of sideburns, mustache, and jaw has a rougher feel, grows in abundance and is harder than that of the usual hair. But not only that, but you also have to take into account the type of skin or skin delicacy you have. More than anything in case you get skin irritation later on. Therefore, care is not only a matter of hair but also of skin.

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