Give your Teifi Valley visitors a lot more engaging options by offering Segway hoverboards

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June 2, 2018
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I remember the first time I rode on a Segway, it really blew my mind. It was very amazing, I felt like I was being lifted off the floor, and I was just flabbergasted by how smooth it was.

If you thought driving a BMW is the ultimate in automotive luxury, think again. You see, the great thing about the BMW is that it has a well-calibrated steering and suspension system. It’s as if you are moving on a cloud. That’s how smooth the experience is.

Now, the Segway takes that experience to a whole other level. If you thought you were driving around in a cloud with the BMW, you might want to think again when it comes to the Segway.

In fact, it’s such a tremendous experience that it’s really hard to reduce it to words because it’s kind of sublime and profound at the same time. You feel like you are part of the scene and you are engaged with the world, but you’re kind of lifted up above it.

Why am I talking about the Segway in an article about Teifi Valley hotels and accommodations? Well, here’s the thing. If you want your business to get a competitive advantage, you cannot be shy. Also, you cannot be unimaginative and stubborn.

You have to constantly think outside the box. You have to constantly push against the walls of conventional wisdom in your particular industry, otherwise, your competitors will bury you.

That’s really the bottom line because most Teifi Valley accommodation businesses do not have new buildings. Most of them do not have a lot of staff. Most of them don’t have a lot of the typical bells and whistles that would draw a tremendous amount of people to their enterprise.

This is why you have to step up. You have to think of some sort of guerilla-type approach to project value so your guests will come back over and over again. One way to do this is to offer Segway hoverboards.

Segway has a very huge novelty value. It’s not like you see Segway units all over the place. Also, the experience of riding a Segway is definitely something to die for.

So if you take these two factors together, you can get quite a bit of a competitive advantage. Once you get that opening between you and your competitors, then you need to go for the kill shot.

Offer special promotions, special membership clubs, and otherwise bend over backwards to maximize the perceived value of your business so you can continue to serve your client base and get them to get excited enough to spread the word about your business. That’s how it works.

And something as weird and wild and out of the ordinary as Segway hoverboards might be able to do the job.

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