Essential Tool Belt Tips You Should Know About

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January 11, 2018
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When executing a personal project or doing some external works on a job site, there is every chance of you losing the track of most of your tools. On the DamnTools website, you would discover the reasons why most people opt for a tool belt and why you need to acquire one for personal use. We have highlighted some tool belt tips below.

Ensure that you opt for a tool belt that suits your needs especially the one that can be handled with ease. You should be able to locate a tool without much difficulty.

Ensure that you place your most frequently used tools on the dominant side; while the tools used occasionally should be placed on your secondary side.

Place the fasteners (like nails and screws) on your secondary side; this is to enable your “weak-hand” supply fasteners seamlessly to your dominant hand.

When there is a need for any adjustment on the balance/load, always ensure that the tool belt is tilted to 180-degrees. This ensures that the weight has minimal effects on you and keep the tools from getting in your way (especially in awkward or crouched positions).

Opt for high-quality tools. You can get a good product at an affordable price rate and, you can also decide to use the high-quality tool in place of the high-tech. Productivity is key and that should be your main focus. It is much better to opt for valuable material rather than struggling with poorly constructed tools.

Now, aside from knowing the benefits of having a tool belt, you must also know how to choose the right tool belt for you. Here are the following tips to remember:

  1.    Make sure that your tool belt has lots of pockets

As what we’ve mentioned above, tool belts are handy especially if it offers a lot of pockets. There is a wide variety of screws and nails that you are going to use when you are working on a project. Hence, it’s important that you have an individual pocket for each. Aside from that, it also helps you to organize your tools. Most hammers are placed on the hammer loop located on the side of the tool belt.

Tape measures, fasteners, and other hand tools should be placed in front of the tool belt. If your dominant hand is left, then the left-hand side of your belt must contain the tools that you are going to need the most while you are working.

  1.    Choose a tool belt that’s easy to reverse

If you want to increase the comfort and flexibility of your belt, then you must make sure that you’re going to choose the one that’s easy to reverse. It can prevent the tools from falling into the ground and also avoid interfering while you are working. Placing the belt on your back will also make it easier to grab smaller tools such as fasteners and tape measures in the pinched-shut pouches of your tool belt.

  1.    Choose a belt with drill carrier

For workers who tend to climb a ladder and work on top, make sure that you’re going to buy a tool belt with a drill carrier. It will ensure your safety on top while making it easy to reach and put back into place. As what we’ve mentioned above, placing it on your back will also help you to stash and pick tools without any difficulty.

  1.    Look for padded belts

If you have more tools that just means that you’ll also have to carry around a bulky belt bag. In order to ease your load, you must choose a tool belt with a padded belt to provide support to your back. It’s highly advisable if you are lifting plywood’s and heavy objects while working as it can decrease the risks of injuries.

Or you can invest in a wide-band suspender if you are certain that you’re going to wear the tool belt for an extended period of time. The suspenders can distribute the weight evenly on your back. Choose a suspender made out of leather or nylon to assure durability.

Tool belts are essential in working. Hence, make sure to keep these tips in mind if this is your first time buying a tool belt. It can help you choose the best tool belt for you and ease your work. You will not just avoid any back problems, decrease the risks of injuries, but you also improve your productivity. Working DYI projects had never been more fun without the help of a high-quality tool belt.

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