Teifi Valley Railway

It has been more than a century-long history of an exciting journey to look back to for Teifi Valley Railway and everyone that is connected with it. The Teifi Valley Railway Railroad as seen today is the latest gauge that is set on an old track bed.

    Welcome to Teifi Valley Railway website, where you can find information about our illustrious history and rich heritage.

    The Teifi Valley Railroad as seen today has come of age. It has a long, illustrious history and has witnessed many changes since it came into existence for more than a century ago. The Railroad as seen today is the latest gauge that is set on an old track bed.

    Originally designed as the Carmarthen-broad gauge caliber line to Cardigan, it was intended to obtain public and goods to Cardigan through market towns such as Newcastle Emlyn and Llandysul and in 1854, it received an Act of Parliment to purchase the lands of Carmarthen to Newcastle Emlyn. In 1860, the line was temporarily opened from Carmarthen to Conwil and operated by the South Wales Railway.

    It was 1861 when the railway was reopened, and the line was under the ownership of the Carmarthen and Cardigan Railway, and three years later extensions to Pencader and then Llandysul were done, where a horse-drawn bus could be caught for the remainder of the journey to Cardigan. By 1872 the line had been converted to a standard gauge, although the pieces had already been of mixed gauge, and therefore the second gauge of the gauge had been placed in the bed of the gauge. However, things did not as planned. The line was bankrupt when it came to Llandysul, and soon it was realized that Cardigan would not be accessible because Cenarth had already become a tourist destination due to its waterfalls. This, combined with a road meant there was no room for a railroad in the gorge.

    However, the railway line was not in disuse. The Great Western Railway in 1881

    brought the track and in 1895 had transferred its terminus to Newcastle Emlyn, which served from that point until 1973 when it finally closed the line. A group of volunteers did make attempts to acquire it and preserve it as a standard gauge line, it never succeeded.

    In 1981, some group of enthusiast’s people purchased the track bed, and in 1983, with the financing of The Manpower Services Commission, the new two-foot gauge was established, and the Teifi Valley Railway was born. The line begins in Henllan where the old platforms, cattle docks and sometimes in the summer season footings can be seen. Pontprenshitw served as the first terminus. Since then there have been two additional extensions, one to Llandyfriog and another to the current end of the line due to the half of a bridge that collapsed into the river. The platform is often called “riverside.”

    “The friendliest railway in West Wales”

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    4 bad habits to stop to get that beach body

    Getting a thin body ready for the beach is a dream for a lot of people. However, a lot of people also have unhealthy eating habits that prevent them from getting a great looking body. If you would like to know more information about how to get a great body, at mirlasabino.com you can learn about Bikini Body Guide that can help you achieve the body of your dreams. And at that website, you can also find information such as exercising and other dieting tips. But before you start exercising and eating right, you may want to stop doing some of these common unhealthy eating habits.

    Binge eating

    Everyone has done emotional eating, whether you are just sad or if you are feeling bored. Binge eating habits such as those must be stopped. Binge eating habits is a large reason why so many people are overweight. If you would like to trim off the fat from your body and get a better-looking body ready for the beach, you have got to control your eating habits better. The first step to eating right is to stop binge eating all of the time.

    Not eating regularly

    Skipping meals can actually also cause you to gain more weight and body fat. This is because if you eat at irregular times your body will tend to store more body fat. So that will mean that if you skip meals regularly you are actually going to gain more weight over time. It is crucial that you eat at least three meals a day if you want to get a nice looking body that is ready to be shown off at the beach. To build muscle for a great looking body, you will also need to give it nutrients and fuel. And you will only that through eating regularly.

    Unplanned eating

    Eating mindlessly is something that you may want to stop if you would like to lose weight. A crucial step in developing better eating habits is to plan your meals ahead of time. Meal planning can help you divide your meals into more manageable chunks. And it would also help you know how many calories and what kinds of nutrients that you are taking in as well. And most of all, when you are planning your meals; you can also optimize the kinds of nutrients that your body is taking in.

    Grocery shopping while hungry

    Do not go to the grocery store while your stomach is empty. When you go grocery shopping while you are hungry, you can give into all sorts of temptations. You would end up buying more junk foods and other kinds of unhealthy snacks if you do this. Ideally, you should plan ahead of time for when you are going to the grocery store. That way you can resist any temptation to buy the unhealthy foods that you may be craving. You should always be careful about what you are buying at the grocery store, especially whenever you are dieting for a better looking body.

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    The Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener – Essentials for Railway Kitchens

    There are many benefits of using the best kitchen knife sharpener. Endeavour to check your quality set of knives, there might be knife sharpeners inside the package. This product has lots of varieties, there is one generally known as honing rod, which has a long metal rod and a file-like structure, attached to a grip. There is another technique known as flat whey stones which are used for sharpening kitchen blades and a host of others. There are other numerous types of mechanical sharpeners which are powered either manually or electrically.

    The main purpose for buying a kitchen knife sharpener is due to the fact that the blade of your cutlery will eventually lose its edge no matter the type of design or pattern. Sharp knife-edge will make the cutting process simpler, quicker, safer and easy to use. When shopping for knife sharpeners, you need to put some factors into consideration.

    If you are a newbie or you are not familiar with the use of the best kitchen knife sharpener, it is advisable that you do a comprehensive study on the workability and operation of knife sharpeners. Honing steel, which utilizes a steel or ceramic rod, helps to keep an edge sharp if it just starts to get dull or blunt. The whey stone won’t work properly if you don’t use it in the proper way. However, if you are unsure about the workability of these tools, then endeavor to choose the manual or electric sharpeners instead.

    There is a particular sharpener (Spyderco 204MF Triangle Sharpmaker System) that is very cheap and has lots of advantages. It stands out from others because it can sharpen any kind of knives; serrated type, straight and others of different size length. Another upside is that you don’t need to strip too much metal of the knife while sharpening it and it can brush up any type of blade.

    Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3 Stage Professional Knife Sharpener is another type of quality electric kitchen knife sharpener. The advantage of using electric knife sharpeners is that they are simple to use, but the major downside is the fact that they don’t have a control similar to that of a manual sharpener.

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    Nutrisystem Food reviews – Transporting Food by Rail

    Nutrisystem Foods help people decrease their weight at a gradual rate. You will also be able to eat your favorite food if you are under the Nutrisystem food program. The ingredients of these foods have to be altered so as to meet the basic requirements. For instance: Sugar content and carbohydrate contents are also reduced to ensure that you have the basic amount of content you need for your body system. They also offer pre-packed foods for people who might want to have it at a go. They also have a variety of choices for people to select from. It is not easy to find Nutrisystem food reviews are completely impartial and honest. However, this is a true assessment of Nutrisystem foods.

    Nutrisystem foods work in a way similar to that of a normal meal which is taken on a regular and constant basis. You take it in the morning, night, for desserts, and also for food in between meals. However, if you are under Nutrisystem food program, you are expected to only eat five times per day.

    Many people might be afraid to lose weight because they don’t like to alter their types of foods. They believe that meals under these types of programs taste horrible and unpleasant. You don’t need to worry yourself because the food is similar to the normal ones you take. Muffins under these programs are the exact one you take on a normal day. Apart from this, if you like taking dessert, the good news is that Nutrisystem also offers desserts which have all the goodies that you desire.

    According to Nutrisystem food reviews, lots of customers give a positive feedback and utilize the products for their basic needs. Now that you know that Nutrisystem alters their food composition so that you only get the basic nutritional values that your body needs; you should feel relaxed and assured that there is no problem or adverse effect. An amazing thing about this program is that it allows you to eat your favorite food comfortably and without any alteration while continuously working on your weight loss strategy. There are two things that you must do to make it perfect. First, you must have perseverance. Second, be modest in everything you do.

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    Large Pet Playpen – Keep Your Pets Safe on the Trains

    The major reason why people get a large pet playpen is to house their dogs. Nevertheless, it can be used to keep other types of animals and they are quite vital tools. They can be set up to protect the furniture so that they don’t chew them and to also keep them in sight, or they can be used to keep rabbits and also serve as travel crates for dogs.

    A pet playpen can be made from metal or plastic material and consists of numerous sections, which can either be in square or rectangular shapes, and all these are connected together by hinges. They come in a different range of sizes like the four sides which can be used to form one shape, eight sides which can be used to form multiple shapes. Normally, they can be fixed together with other pens to produce a larger structure.

    The large pet playpen also comes in different heights. There are some short ones which are used for keeping small animals and to provide the needed space to enable them to run around inside the cage, and this cage may be at a height of about eight inches. For an effective usage of this structure, it is advisable that you keep animals that don’t have jumping capability like guinea pigs, etc.

    Pens used to house dogs are usually two feet high, while some falls in the range of four feet. Many dogs have the ability to jump these heights, so there are also lids which serve as extra protection to prevent these pets from jumping out. Nevertheless, a resolute dog that is eager to jump out of a four-foot pen might be willing to do a whole different thing, so it is better not to leave a dog on its own without being attended to in a pen.

    A pet playpen is a very resourceful product. You can build it in form of a fence between rooms, which helps to restrict their movement and keep them safe. You can be able to achieve a good relationship with your pet by ensuring that they are safe and excited, and you will feel relaxed knowing that they can’t damage your property.

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    Kids Trampoline with Bar – Considerations for Rail Transportation

    It is not easy to find something that will keep the kids busy on a constant basis when they are stuck inside the house. Toddlers need to always get involved in physical exercise so as to get their pent-up energy. A kids trampoline with bar can surprisingly serve as the possible solution for your child’s energy.

    Are Trampolines safe and secured?

    Many parents need the assurance that their kids will be safe while using these trampolines. Trampolines generally have a checkered past of numerous injuries, which ranges from broken legs to disjointed ankles. Though, there has been a lot of improved transformation in Trampoline design. There are more products available now apart from the traditional spring-powered launch pads.

    For kids, they build kids trampoline with bar attachments, which help provide support and prevent them from falling off the sides. Also, the natural rhythm of the trampoline acts as a soothing mechanism, which helps the kids feel relaxed and comfortable. It is different from your typical full-size trampolines in the sense that someone can move in the upward direction by jumping or bouncing off the surface to any height.

    Selecting the Right Trampoline

    Although toddler trampolines are different from the normal trampolines in the sense that they are built to be safer, more secured, less elevated and have a lower impact. Nevertheless, you still need to know how they are made so as to ensure your child’s safety.


    First and foremost, examine the type of materials used for their springs: is it bungee cording, metal springs, or elastic? This is an important factor which determines the durability of the trampoline. Traditional metal springs do not only cause discomfort to kids if they happen to slip their foot in between the bouncing surface and the covering but can also lose their durability after about 365-days or less.

    Excellent Features

    You desire to get a stable kids trampoline with bar that is firm on the ground and won’t move an inch when your kid is jumping on it. What you should look out for are its compactness and weight limits. It is ideal that you buy a toddler trampoline with a weight limit of about 100 pounds.

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    Good Survival Knives – Essential for Upcoming Railway Events

    Why do you need to take good survival knives along with you while going out into the wilderness? A good survival knife serves a lot of purposes like for cutting parachute cord, produce tinder by splitting up wood, create a spear by striking the knife to a stick, aids in food preparation and a whole lot of purposes.

    The best survival knife is made from a single piece of metal, to which there are attached slabs of materials to form a comfortable grip. Folding pocket knives are not part of this setup. In the knife word, this type of construction is known as “full tang” or “narrow tang”. Good survival knives generally contain a moderately heavy blade with a total thickness which falls within the range of about 3/16 of an inch and a blade with a measured length of about 5 inches. You don’t need to get a “Rambo” knife as it may look attractive but are heavyweight which makes it difficult to carry around.

    • Full tang survival knives are made in this way so that the blades can fuse together with the handle. The two slabs of material might attach itself to each side of the metal to form a comfortable grip.
    • For the Narrow tang survival knives, it tends to reduce the size of the material as it goes into the handle of the knife. The handle is then connected to the narrow section of the knife. The handle of this knife is also made from leather disks materials. Some of these narrow tang knives have a pommel attached to the grip end of the tang.

    Avoid getting hollow handled knives as they are generally known to be weaker and can easily break at the joint.

    However, it is advisable that you select a knife that has a straight edge blade over that of a serrated blade. A serrated blade is best suited for sawing webbing or seat belt-like material. The reason for choosing a straight edge blade is due to the fact that it can be easily sharpened due to its straight structure.

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    Finding the Best Large Dog Beds: History and Landscape of Railway Lines

    You have to take some things into consideration before purchasing the best large dog beds for your matured dogs. You need to get a good bed for your dogs. But if your dogs are big and matured, there are some important factors that you need to take into consideration.

    You desire to provide comfort for your dog due to the love you have for them. Due to an uninformed decision, some dog owners might end up getting a dog bed that is undersized and too small for their matured pets. They are not always comfortable when in that position and end up hanging their legs off the bed. Big dogs usually have joint problems and this particular issue might worsen their matter.

    If you wish to provide comfort for your dog by getting them a perfectly structured dog bed, you need to know the sleeping position of your dog. You can do this by monitoring them while they sleep. Generally, dogs like to sleep in different sleeping position, some might like the curled up position, some like to stretch out their legs fully while lying on their side, some prefer to lay on their stomach with their legs fully stretched out. To get their best sleeping position, measure the full length of your dog while they are in their favorite sleeping position. Endeavour to add 4 to 5 inches to the measured length for extra comfort.

    If you are planning to purchase the best large dog beds, it is advisable that you shop for the one that can be maintained or covers that are replaceable and washable. This will ensure that your dog’s bed is clean and can last for a long period of time. If you go to the market, you will see lots of pet beds and you can select the one with the right size and style which will provide the needed comfort for your large pet and you can get the one with the right color and combination that will complement your home design.

    The main reason for all these is to find the right bed for your large dog that will make him feel relaxed and provides the needed comfort for his night rest. It also helps to shield him from the cold floor thereby protecting his joints. We all desire to have a canine friend that will live a healthy, long and exciting life.

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    Hop on the Train Ride: Join the Lol Epic Shop


    The League of Legends is one of the online multiplayer games that has continued to soar on the popularity charts constantly for the past few years. It is MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game), which was launched for the first time during 2009. The game, produced by Riot Games, was meant for Mac and PC but the latter version was closed subsequently. The lol epic shop represents where the majority of the players of this game buy a smurf account.

    Influence Points

    The players make use of Influence Points as the chief currency while playing the League of Legends. The total earning is dependent on a number of factors that include the game result, the number of bots during the game as well as the summoner level. Players can use influence points, referred to as IPS, as well for purchasing in-game items, such as champions and runes.

    Riot Points

    This represents an alternate currency provided to the players, and it could be procured with the help of prepaid Riot Point Game Cards, debit/credit cards, and PayPal.

    Riot Points might be used for unlocking rune pages, champions and various kinds of boosts, however, they can’t be used for purchasing runes.


    Runes bring in a kind of personalization to the League of Legends. Players are permitted to amplify an assortment of stats, such as movement speed, health, damage, manna regeneration as well as a number of other stats, thereby allowing them to play without altering the champion, however in a distinct manner, depending on available options for rune and mastery.


    Players have the opportunity to pick from a big number of champions that continues to go up on a weekly basis.

    The players have to make use of Riot Points or Influence Points to unlock the champions before utilizing them. Nevertheless, every week a lot of free champions are available for playing, thereby providing summoners with an opportunity to test the champions before opting to purchase them.

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